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About Us

About Us

eNewsletters.travel is a project of Travel Media Applications (T.M.A.). Since 1999 T.M.A. focuses on providing specialized marketing and communications services to the travel trade as well as presenting web solutions and tools in order to facilitate business and especially to prepare the travel industry for the online business.

Our target has always been to facilitate the flow of information and communication of the travel trade members initially in Greece & Cyprus and later internationally, among them and also with the final consumer.

n 2006 we developed our own mass mailing tool and we experimented with it using it to our own very demanding projects the news portals TravelDailyNews International, TravelDailyNews Greece & Cyprus, the travel portal TravelForAll as well as selected travel companies.

Today, in 2011, after the experience we gained through the people and service oriented industry of travel and tourism we present to the international market our new sophisticated web application for email marketing: eNewsletters.travel for email campaigns that work!

We selected the .travel (dotTravel) as our TLD to stress the fact that we are part of the travel industry and understand its specific needs but also to elaborate that eNewsletters.travel travels your messages to the world!

So, open your doors and invite people in, using effectively eNewsletters.travel . Our team will be happy to assist you: